Friday, January 19, 2007

Why Knitting Frenzy?

Very proud of my ability to start this blog myself, I showed my "product" to my dear husband. He patted me on the back while saying "why Knitting Frenzy, you claim knitting calms you down?"...

Good question! The act of knitting does keep me calm and nothing is a better sleep aid than a few rows before bed. The knitting frenzy is the ideas and the projects and thoughts about knitting that run around in my head every day. I could spend the entire day knitting, shopping for yarn and patterns and be perfectly happy. Unfortunately the family, the house and my checkbook would suffer greatly! So, I knit when I can and put up with my mind going a mile a minute most days with knitting thoughts.

What better place to start then the beginning. My dad taught me to knit. His mom taught him. When I was kid growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my dad rode the "IC" (Illinois Central Railroad) downtown everyday. He had his mom teach him how to knit so that he could pass the time on the train commute everyday. Of course, once he learned and was making beautiful aran sweaters (the first one he made me was a beautiful cable pattern in a subtle rose color), I just had to learn. I didn't knit much in college, but once I was out and working on my own, I picked it up again. I was so pleased the first time I made a sweater that actually fit and I could wear it (everything they say about gauge is absolutley true!!!). Cleaning out the spare bedroom closet the other night, I found that first it is. All I can say is I was young and adventerous when I made this...perhaps I should be adventerous again?!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's a Start!

Welcome to my ramblings!

I love to knit and I'm part of a wonderful group of gals with WeightWatchers who also love to knit. We cheer each other up and support each other daily in our knitting and weight loss adventures. I've never met the gals in person, but each one is special! We knit prayer shawls for folks in need. We each knit our rows, package the shawl up and send it on to one of the other gals for her to add her rows. Our shawls travel all over the country...we are very diverse group...and then end up around the shoulders of someone who is hurting and in need of the comfort only prayers can bring.

I'll share my knitting adventures (and mis-adventures) along with tidbits of my family (they are usually good for a story or two at least a couple of times a week!)

Here goes!!!