Thursday, February 15, 2007


I've managed to knit quite a bit the last few days! Of course, 12 inches of snow and ice didn't hurt...managed to get the car out this morning and the kids finally had school today! I'm having serious withdrawl issues after having two full days of being able to pick up my knitting whenever the fancy struck me.

My WW online group organized a scarf exchange amongst ourselves. Everyone had their secret pal they made a scarf for and as the deadline approached we all got downright giddy trying to figure out who was making a scarf for us. Packages started arriving prior to the deadline and it was very difficult not to peek until the "open date"! I received the most beautiful, cream-colored basketweave scarf. It was accompanied by a lovely note and some wonderful hand lotion. The note revealed that the middle part of the scarf was knit on the beach in Florida so there were nice warm beach vibes included in the stitches. It was a lovely surprise, especially since it was opened on the day we were stuck in the house under a blizzard warning.

Our next exchange is going to be a dishcloth exchange and I can't wait. It is such fun to knit for someone who really appreciates every stitch. We've all noticed that knitting for our online friends is helping us to "push our own envelopes". We are all trying new patterns and new techniques and learning and having such fun!

Tomorrow - baby gifts to share!


Wednesday, February 7, 2007


My best friend is having surgery today...she has cervical cancer. I'm saying lots of prayers and thinking about her alot. When we found out about the cancer I immediately started a Prayer Shawl for her. I've made several of these and they are just as cathargic for me as they are for the recipient. The hours spent knitting and praying give you wonderful insight into life and the person you are.

This is shawl I made one for my dear sister-in-law when she was dealing with her husband passing away and my WW knitting group (my wonderful online friends!) has made three (now working on 4 and 5) shawls for members friends and charities. I'm sure they'll be more shawls in my future and while sometimes it's hard to deal with the reason you're making one, while your knitting one you feel like you can get through anything!

Please keep my wonderful friend in your prayers (and three kids and family)...