Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Finished Project!

I finished something!!! This is my finished Mystery Shawl 7. I'm not as good at wonderful creative pictures as some people are. I absolutely love this pattern and the way it turned out. It doesn't have a home yet...don't know if it will be leaving this home yet! As I said in my last post, I'm currently knitting lots of lace so hopefully there will be more pictures like this throughout the summer.
I heard from my Target in Sock Wars 3. She recieved her socks and was most gracious. A lot of us had problems with the pattern and of course, her socks were too big, but she loved the yarn and colors. One of my goals with the swaps and wars and KALs is to meet new people who share a passion for knitting and make new friends and I achieved that goal with Sock Wars (despite the negativity that is rampant on the boards).
What's going on in my life besides knitting, you ask? I'm still trying to stick to WeightWatchers and have a great group of online gals who are very supportive (and like to knit, go figure!). I need to get more active...I tell myself that today's the day, every morning and by the time the kid's are in bed at night I'm saying, "tomorrow's the day"...
I keep telling my DH he just needs to win the lottery so I can stay home, take care of the house, myself and knit...oh well...
'Til next time!

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