Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Bragging

DH just finished his two weeks of Annual Training with the Indiana National Guard. He is a helicopter pilot and today is Armed Services Day. This weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Indy 500) the National Guard had their helicopters on display. We spent yesterday wandering around the track, watching qualifications and hanging out with the guys and their "birds." It was very nice to be walking around the Speedway with DH in his flightsuit and having people come up to him and thank him for his service to his country. People do support our troops! If they only knew he was also a firefighter too! DD calls him the "ultimate do-gooder!" and we are very proud that he is!

Part of our day yesterday was spent watching the qualifications runs for the Indy 500. Alex Barron qualified to start in the 9th row. Being up close and personal with these machines makes you really appreciate what it takes to run this race...220 miles an hour is amazing to watch!

On the knitting front, I struggled all week with some socks...I finished one, the second one came out nothing like the first so I ended up frogging them both...I've got some better sock yarn and a different pattern that I will be trying sometime soon...In the meantime, I relaxed and got rid of my sock frustration by working on the Lady Eleanor shawl I am making for myself!

Until next time!

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